The Lampstand safehome is open!

The Lampstand safehome opened in March 2022 in Southwest Virginia.

Our 6-12 month residential program provides a safe space and comprehensive trauma-informed care for girls who have experienced sexual exploitation.

The Problem

Sexual exploitation and trafficking are not problems of the past. Vulnerable women and children are being sold for sex across our country every day, both in urban areas and in small towns.

Trafficking in Virginia (2020)

contacts in 2020

cases identified

calls from victims

cases reported

What We Do

The Lampstand is empowering the lives of those vulnerable to and affected by sexual exploitation in two strategic ways


In order to prevent, identify, and report trafficking, people must know what to look for. We educate the public about sexual exploitation and trafficking through prevention education and professional trainings.


There is a major lack of resources for those affected by sexual exploitation in our state and nation. To meet the need in our area, we provide holistic, trauma-informed support that victims and survivors deserve.

You Can Be Part of the Solution