wraparound services

the problem

Addressing survivor’s needs is complex because the trauma and barriers they face are complex.

Once a victim leaves their exploiter, their journey of freedom and healing has just begun. Many survivors exit trafficking with educational challenges, debt from traffickers, and a lack of support, opportunities, and housing.

The interpersonal, prolonged trauma of sex trafficking also leaves survivors with an array of emotional barriers, like lack of trust, total reliance on their trafficker, hopelessness, shame, stigma, and fear.

supporting survivors

Since 2013, we have partnered with law enforcement, service providers, and medical professionals to provide trauma-informed, person-centered support to those who have been affected by sexual exploitation and trafficking.

We believe that every victim and survivor deserves access to services and to be treated with dignity and respect.

Our staff meets survivors where they are by providing stability, positive support, and individualized care.

The Lampstand offers the following wraparound services at no-cost to victims and survivors:





personal care items

case management

emotional & social support

locating legal services

professional & educational development

life skills

accessing mental health & chemical dependency services


do you or someone you know need support?

We provide wraparound services to adult and juvenile survivors of any gender, sexual orientation, race, religious views, belief system, or background.


meet mikesha

wraparound services coordinator

Mikesha, who goes by Kesha, has been in the social work field for 12 years and has assisted in empowering humans in all walks of life.

She celebrates the unique qualities of all people and enjoys deep and honest conversations. Kesha loves playing board games and spending time with her family, friends, and plants.

Her hope is for survivors to know they matter and for them to be supported as they reach their goals.

want to get involved?

You can stand in the gap for survivors by donating essential care items from our current needs list.

the impact

The Lampstand has directly supported 26 survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking with wraparound services since 2020.

We’ve never had someone care so much about us. 


mother and survivor of sexual exploitation

I know God put you in my life for a reason.


survivor of sex trafficking