our doors are open!

The Lampstand is the only residential program in Virginia dedicated to serving juvenile survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Our twelve month program provides a safe space and comprehensive trauma-informed care for girls ages 12-17 years old.

We exist to empower survivors as they begin their journey of healing. Our goal is to address vulnerabilities to reduce revictimization and facilitate healing and hope.

We focus on safety, wellness, and freedom.

intake criteria

Referrals must meet the following criteria: 

12-17 years old

Resident of Virginia

Biologically female

Suspicion or confirmation of sexual exploitation 

Not a threat to self or others

We cannot accept individuals who: 

Are In need of medical detox

Are same-sex sex offenders who pose a risk

Are actively pyschotic, suicidal, or homicidal

Have a history of fire setting

Have a history of gang recruitment

referral form

Complete The Lampstand referral form to screen for sexual exploitation and help us to get to know the applicant and their situation.

in-depth intake form

Upon receiving your completed referral form, we will determine if it seems like a good fit. The Lampstand will then provide further information about our program and send you an in-depth intake form.


assess their needs

Once we receive the completed intake form, we will schedule a conversation with the applicant to determine if The Lampstand can meet their social, emotional, and educational needs​.

a new beginning

The Lampstand will notify you of the applicant’s placement status. Within two weeks of acceptance, we will determine the applicant’s admission date, so they can start their journey towards living safe, well, and free! 


For more information regarding referrals and our intake process, please contact us at
540-777-4663 or [email protected]

inside our safehome


Our eight bedrooms are designed to be a space of safety, rest, and comfort. Every girl who walks into our safehome gets to choose her own uniquely decorated bedroom. When she enters, she is greeted with a welcome basket full of personal care items and goodies to make her feel loved and special.


We provide the opportunity for girls to continue their education onsite in our safehome. Our classroom is equipped with the technology and tools to take a trauma-informed approach and meet individual learning needs. Each participant is enrolled in an online curriculum and receives support from our staff and tutors to help her achieve her educational goals.


Our commercial grade kitchen allows plenty of space for participants to have fun learning basic cooking and baking skills. Our full-time cook works in conjunction with our nutritionist to prepare healthy meals and snack options to encourage choices and a healthy relationship with food.

dining room

Sharing meals together is an opportunity for building connection and deepening relationships. This is why our table is big enough for staff and participants to sit and eat together.

living area

This cozy area is reserved for relaxation and fun! Participants can snuggle up on the couch with their favorite weighted stuffed animal or gather together to watch a movie or play games. This space is also where spiritual and personal growth takes place, like Bible studies and reading. 


Our in-house salon allows each girl in our program a fresh start–beginning with her hair and nails if she wishes! We want to give her the opportunity to make choices for herself, claim her identity, and celebrate her unique beauty. More than anything, our desire is for her to know she is a beautiful creation worthy of love.


Upon entering our safehome, girls receive all of the essential clothing and personal care items. To shop in the Bloom Boutique, girls earn tokens through a positive reinforcement reward system. Our onsite boutique is stocked full of brand new clothing and accessories, including shoes, jewelry, makeup, journals, and more!

blue room

The “blue room” is a sensory room designed to help participants calm and focus themselves when needed. Girls can choose the scenery while lounging in a comfy chair or playing with sensory dough or sand. Participants can also mess with fidget spinners while listening to calming sounds as an essential oil diffuser fills the room with the soothing scent of lavender. 

physical exercise

group therapy

structured living environment

life skills classes

in-house salon

family visits

spiritual growth

onsite boutique

family therapy


therapy pets

opportunities to discover hobbies and interests

individual therapy

equine therapy

opportunities to be a kid again


How do survivors come to your program?

We receive referrals from the Department of Social Services, foster care agencies, detention centers, court orders, parents and guardians, law enforcement, or self-referrals.

How many girls can you serve at a time?

The Lampstand safehome has the capacity for eight program participants at any given time. Each girl has her own bedroom.

Where is the safehome located?

Our safe home is in the Greater Roanoke Valley located in Southwest Virginia. The exact location is undisclosed to the public for safety purposes.

Where do girls go after The Lampstand residential program?

There are several options for girls when they graduate from The Lampstand safehome. When appropriate, program graduates may reunite with their families. Graduates may also be placed in therapeutic foster care.

What items do you need for your safe home?

Click here to view our current needs, including our Target and Amazon wishlists. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive periodic updates, opportunities to get involved, and prayer requests from The Lampstand.

How do I volunteer with the Lampstand?

We currently offer positions on an as-needed basis. Click here to learn about all the ways you can serve and submit an interest form.

need immediate help?

If you or someone you know if experiencing sexual exploitation or trafficking, don’t wait to get support.


National Human Trafficking Hotline

Call 1-888-373-7888 or text ‘HELP’ to BEFREE (233733)


For immediate assistance, call the local police.

For The Lampstand after hours emergency or referrals, please call 540-206-6784